Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm a Capricorn, hence Kath1226.  Out of curiousity I checked my monthly horoscope.  In the past I've done this and, in hindsight, the prediction(s) was spot on.  It's also been useful in a dating capacity. The below portion I found to be slightly unsettling.

"Uranus will be in hard angle to the Sun and moon at the time of the eclipse December 21, suggesting that a clear communication will be in short supply. It also suggests that something you wrote or said could come back to haunt you now. Don't write anything in email or social media that you wouldn't want the world to see, because at this eclipse, everything will become public." may find me shaving my head, ridden with anxiety, on the 21st.


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  1. "There always seems to be a hot dog involved."