Monday, November 29, 2010


I love aged pieces; wine, dresses, furniture and, yes, men.  There's nothing like a good ole' silver fox.  Most people would agree that men age better than any woman.  They become more distinguished and self-confident with time.  It's "vintage" week on Meg Made Me Do It. 

The first "experienced" suitor I went out with was tonight, a 44-year-old, federal attorney from Royal Oak. 

We went to Flemmings in Birmingham.  The suggestion made me nervous.  What if he arrived and thought "From the neck way" and stuck me with the bill?  Assuming the tab would put me in the red right before rent is due.  So, I would be broke, single and still under suspicion with my parents at Christmas.

I arrived early, which allotted time to ensure my short skirt was covering the girdle portion of my tights, and you ask, "why is she single?"  Then...he ARRIVED.  His body followed his collagen-injected lips.  Anyone ever seen Bravo's "Flipping Out?" I spent approximately 2 hours with Jeff Lewis's twin.  Most of my time was devoted, when not drinking 3/4 of the wine, determining if he had had a face lift.

He "quenched" his "lust for some meat" (direct quote) while I picked at some salmon and filled up on Pinot Noir.  Truthfully, I think he was hoping I was lusting for some meat.  He made many straight-forward sexual comments and/or references. One being "Have you ever had a lesbian encounter?"

The date ended with the bill in his hands, garlic breath and a rushed goodbye at the valet stand. He followed with these words of advice: "Time is of the essence. You have a lot of men to meet yet."


This 60's and 70's flashback will end on Saturday with an Italian man from the old country (in more ways than one), 38, from Plymouth.

Ciao for now.


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  1. Maryanne says she "has a man for Katherine" and then there was a good forty-five minute conversation over brining a turkey about you and the "lovely way Katherine has about her" (Honey's words). Maryanne wants to show me this potential candidate’s "face page." Susu, perhaps not swayed by Maryanne’s suggestion, mentioned setting you up with her stepson Chas but Maryanne said you would "eat him alive." I'll keep you posted on their scheming ways.