Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dating in the Work Place

Dating in the work place is no longer taboo.  Especially where I'm employed; there are work relationships, marriages, babies and Chlamydia, and not necessarily in that order.

But what if it takes online dating to bring co-workers together?  Today I logged in to find someone I work with, and send impatient and snide emails to a couple times, a month showed "Interest."  I don't know what that function means...maybe a passive "wink?"

I was tempted to message him, "Hey, if you want to get to know me I sit up in phase one." or "Give me a ring, my direct dial is in your inbox." or "Did you find similarities between this profile picture and the one of me on the company Intranet?"

Later, yes, I log in more than once a today, and ANOTHER co-worker had looked at my profile. 

As if online dating sites aren't a feeding ground for creeps, you can actually see who looks at your profile.  Ironically, I think he did it while we both upstairs in the lounge together.  This is where I escape to look at bikini pics of a girl from high school who used to Pentecostal (read: long hair in 1900's bun and long skirts) or do other online searches (think signs of pregnancy) that are generally deemed work inappropriate.

Oh, that phone date...completely stood ME up, and de-friend me on Facebook.  He better hope I don't see him at Dick O'Dow's this weekend.

However, I may possibly be "doing drinks" this Friday with the first person I messaged. You know, the one who likes the Hoff (I just like to eat burgers off the floor like the Hoff). He is entertained by match, is aware of the Outback $10.99 surf 'n' turf special and we share the same birthday. Sounds like I'll be writing his last name with my first name in my high school composition book in no time.

I will part with the IM conversation I had last night with a state employee from Wixom.  Disclaimer:  Read before bed, the tedious nature will have you snoozing in no time.


9:55 - joshuac517 says:
hi how are you?
 9:55 - Kath1226 says:
fine thanks, and you?
 9:55 - joshuac517 says:
im fine thanks
 9:56 - joshuac517 says:
how was your day?
 9:56 - Kath1226 says:
it was busy, and i'm new to this, so it was an added distraction
 9:56 - Kath1226 says:
and you?
 9:57 - joshuac517 says:
it was ok, had training for work
 9:58 - Kath1226 says:
you were training?
 9:59 - joshuac517 says:
for work, i work for the state, what do you do?
 9:59 - Kath1226 says:
i work at at an online promotions' agency
 9:59 - Kath1226 says:
what do you do for the state?
 10:00 - joshuac517 says:
qualify people for govt assistance like food stamps
 10:00 - Kath1226 says:
that's probably pretty busy
 10:00 - joshuac517 says:
yeah the economy isnt getting any better
 10:02 - Kath1226 says:
it's not an overnight process
 10:02 - Kath1226 says:
however, where i'm at we are thriving actually
 10:02 - joshuac517 says:
i know, just saying
 10:03 - joshuac517 says:
thats good
 10:04 - joshuac517 says:
whats your personality like?
 10:04 - Kath1226 says:
pretty fun
 10:04 - Kath1226 says:
 10:04 - Kath1226 says:
most people would say i'm outgoing and a good time
 10:04 - Kath1226 says:
 10:05 - joshuac517 says:
good deal, im outgoing as well, have a great sense of humor
 10:05 - Kath1226 says:
so how long have you been doing this?
 10:06 - joshuac517 says:
a few months
 10:06 - Kath1226 says:
any luck?
 10:07 - joshuac517 says:
i have went on some dates but nothing solid
 10:08 - joshuac517 says:
what are your interests?
 10:09 - Kath1226 says:
i like spending time with friends locally and a far, design, sports events, concerts/live music
 10:09 - Kath1226 says:
 10:10 - joshuac517 says:
i love music and sports as well, working out, reading
 10:11 - Kath1226 says:
you from wixom originally?
 10:11 - joshuac517 says:
no im from lansing and you?
 10:11 - Kath1226 says:
 10:11 - joshuac517 says:
i know brighton
 10:11 - Kath1226 says:


  1. Truth is, joshua517 probably still uses any (all) of the below terms:

    This may or may not be followed by an overly loud "I'd hit that" or "that's how I roll" and a not-so-subtle scan of the room to see who finds him fascinating.

    Anyone who has to point out that they "have a great sense of humor", doesn't.

    I'm rooting for the Hoff. Hamburger and all Broski.

  2. I agree with Sarah... thought the same thing with the "have a great sense of humor" comment. "Just saying."