Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Lions are Really Awful

Yesterday marked the full first week of this new venture. I will admit, there are times where I wouldn't mind trading places with Morgan Spurlock and eating McDonald's at every meal for 30 days instead. 

Or have I already done that?

At least an Egg McMuffin or, if I lost the will to live, a McRib wouldn't say "you're(or your) my kind of girl" and "I have a great sense of humor" or hope that I'm "having a great week."

On an uplifting not, I had a pretty wonderful time on my date with Strawberry Fields last night.  Oopsth, skipped out on drinks with Scott(?), 29, Royal Oak.

He gave me a tour of Detroit (didn't dump my body!) and ate my last taco...that I prepared for him. What?!  We had dinner in Mexican town!  The setting in my driveway, when he dropped me off later that night, was perfect for a make out...rain, steamy car, Steve Wonder playing (yes, he knows where I live and work and I know where he lives and works).  Sadly, I'm not Molly Ringwald and it didn't happen.  But, our parting words were "let's definitely do this again" and friend request from him on Facebook followed 30 minutes later.  I don't know about him, but I'm ready to mate. 

Oh, and, did I mention I'm being stalked by one of the Lions?  I want to believe it's someone pretending to be him.  But, wouldn't they pick someone more notable or better looking than Dan Gerberry?  After receiving this second message from him, found below, I think I'll politely say "no, thanks" and forgo the chance at Lions' season tickets.

"Ok heres my deal. Im not sure how to get your attention and respond to me but i guess ill tell you about me and then you can keep not given me a chance or you can. Im dan, im a 25 year old guy who lives up here in detroit. I play football for a living with the lions. Im originally from youngstown ohio, and i went to ball state. I graduated with my bachelors in education. And the most important thing about me is that im pretty awesome. Sooooo if theres anything else you want to knwo just ask. Im just tryin to meet a nice girl up here. All the girls i meet think im something that im not. Let me know"


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