Friday, November 19, 2010


Productivity is a word that whispers in all of our ears frequently.  Oh, best believe, I will some how interject the economy into this blog.  Measurable, successful output is harped upon in our professional lives, but how does that translate to dating?

When dating goes digital, "successful" metrics can be tracked.  I can confidentially say, this has been a productive and successful first week for me (for my work...not so much...oopsth).

It's been productive in a way that I'm starting to feel like a piece of meat.  I haven't gotten this much attention since I'd pranced around dollar beer night in college, with my orangest tan and shortest distressed denim mini, with a nip*cough*ring*cough*.

Alright lets get quantitative, people.  To-date the stats are:

48 men have contacted (messaged) me
80 men (approximately) have winked at me (I feel like that's the equivalent to an HPV tree)
35 men have shown "interest"
283 profile views
3 in-the-near-future dates (today, Monday and Tuesday)
2 co-workers
1 military officer, who has served 24 years for our country, looking for a "reason to come home" and "I'm very pretty"

Sounds like Mariah Carey's next Christmas hit, huh?

Tonight, is the big drinks date with the Hoff of Plymouth.  He is coming to me and plans to wear an Elvis costume to be immediately identifiable.  He is rather witty and I hope it doesn't turn into a dual of "who is funnier" because he will be lying in a pool of blood on G'Nite Gracies floor...or just covered in a Bloody Mary martini.

Honestly, I'm quite excited about the event and have consulted a handful of individuals, male and female, regarding outfit choices.  Having been on a dating drought, I tend to dress more for straight females than straight males.

Pretty sure it's going to be a full moon.  Have a nice weekend, all(s).  Don't do anything I WOULD do.


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  1. Enjoy your date night. I'm offended I wasn't consulted about the outfit choices, I clearly would go with the nude suit.